Who knew that those three legendary chords could create such a long, interesting history for The Shadows of Knight. The band was formed in 1964, originally as The Shadows. They became The Shadows of Knight in 1965 featuring Jim Sohns, Warren Rogers, Wayne Pursell, Tom Schiffour, and Norm Gotsch. Right as they were hitting it big, Pursell and Gotsch left the band, recruiting Jerry McGeorge and Joe Kelley. This is the lineup that recorded the two most well known Shadows of Knight albums, "Gloria" and "Backdoor Men". David "Hawk" Wolinski was recruited as the Organ Player, and later replaced Rogers on bass after he was drafted into the US Military. This lineup lasted about 18 months before Sohns fired the entire band. After 4 billboard charting hits, the "classic" lineup of SOK was no more. Sohns performed as the SOK with many different lineups, and in 1969, the Shadows of Knight released one last million seller, "Shake". This was with a Jimy Sohns and a totally different Super K lineup. Sohns has never stopped touring as The Shadows of Knight. After 37 years of no new albums, The Shadows of Knight released "A Knight to Remember" in 2006, to critical acclaim. In August of 2016, The ORIGINAL Shadows of Knight got back together for one last show in Arlington Heights for the first time since 1967. But the history doesn't end there...Sohns continues to rock festivals, arenas, casinos, clubs, and anywhere that he feels like to this very day. 51 years later and you can still hear the crowd scream "G L O R I A!!!!"